The International Conference on Translation and the Management of Difference organized by King Fahd School of Translation.

Translation has, since ancient times, aroused a lingering skepticism which has oscillated between binary extremes: translatability and untranslatability, faithfulness and infidelity, word-for-word and sense-for-sense, and so on. However, its essential role in managing linguistic, cultural, and civilizational problems has rarely been called into question. This role is now growing more and more important, because of the breakneck speed of advances in modern means of communication, and the proliferation of cross-cultural exchanges.

In theory and in practice, translation has acknowledged difference, displaying the foreignness of the source text, encouraging its recognition, and promoting a culture of tolerance. At the same time, it has stressed the return to the original, acknowledging its multiplicity and advocating diversity, through acceptance of more than one text and faith in coexistence and interaction. However, nowadays more than ever before, translation has to struggle with globalization which may threaten identities and marginalize regional languges. It must therefore contribute to acknowledging diversity, defending cultural peculiarities and preserving languages. Its role in the service of all humanity in all aspects of life deserves our attention.

ICTMD will take place in Tangier, Morocco from 4-5 April 2018.

The Symposium is a forum for researchers to discuss and exchange experimental or theoretical results, work-in-progress, experiences, case studies, and trend-setting ideas in the area of translate. Papers with new research results and new products or concepts are encouraged for submission.

Important Dates

-- Abstract registration deadline : January 20, 2018
-- Notification to authors : February 10, 2018
-- Submission deadline : March 10, 2018

The languages of the conference are:

• Arabic
• Spanish
• English
• French